Subject: The glittery adventures of the magical dimention hopping Pokémon region!
Posted on: 2020-06-20 21:32:20 UTC

So, if you're on the discord server you've probably seen us screaming at one of the badfics from the PAL series at least once. It travels across dimensions with it's merry band of suvians, fixing all the canon problems and turning various canons into mindless thralls. I decided to make a thread so we could keep track of the many continua being smushed together by this incredibly glittery region.

So here's the list so far:

-Pokémon (The home of the PAL region. If the A/N warns about pokemon references, it's probably a full blown crossover no matter how much they insist it isn't.)

-Prince of Tennis (The original home of the sue that would later give PAL it's suvian qualities before dying.)

-RWBY (There was a full blown crossover fic.)

-Danganronpa (There was a crossover, and in another fic there's a hope's peak high ripoff.)

-Ace Attorney (About half of the main cast have elements ripped off from them and one character seems like a Maya Fey duplicate. Pretty sure Ace Attorney was directly mentioned in one A/N, too.)

-Yandere Simulator (There was a oneshot fic where Pakura, the main sue from PAL, adopted the yansim protagonist and managed to give her a name longer than the my immortal protagonist and character replace the queen of England in a continuum where England isn't even mentioned.)

-Harry Potter (There's another fic where Pakura adopts Harry Potter and glitter ensues.)

-Naruto (The latest edition to the PAL saga where this time Ashura Red Satoshi Ketchum, Pakura's nffhole wife has hijacked the mind of a young Naruto.)

-Hunter x Hunter (In the Naruto fic, some of Naruto's skills are directly ripped off from this apparently. The concept of hunters the region uses is also directly ripped off from it.)

-The Hunger Games (In both the main PAL fics there is a scene apparently directly ripped off from it.)

-Elfen Lied (In the Naruto fic, one of Naruto's skills was based off of something from this too.)

-MÄR (In the Harry Potter fic many weapons from here are used and it seems an entire kingdom has been condensed into a city in the PAL region.)

-Star Wars, possibly (Obi Wan was mentioned in one of the A/Ns relating to one of Not!Naruto's abilities, but it wasn't too specific.)

So, did I miss any?

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