Subject: "better laws and law enforcement"
Posted on: 2020-06-23 10:53:24 UTC

I mean... that's not exactly a high bar to clear. Hasn't literally every Pokemon region been repeatedly incapable of catching two electric-rat-obsessed incompetents and their talking cat who keep blowing themselves up? I'm just saying... ^_~

New theory: it's impossible for a Pokemon region to have a functioning government, because the first thing functioning governments do is shut down the whole "our entire country is a gladiatorial arena for elemental semi-demi-minigods" thing, which immediately removes them from the category of 'Pokemon region'.

And also removes the massive environmental pressure for wild Pokemon to level up and learn powerful attacks to fend off marauding trainers, meaning that in short order the overwhelming majority are just animals that make voice-like noises and do things like Scratch and Bite if you bother them. Okay, there's some weird stuff hanging around - looking at you, Koffing - but by and large the Pokemon just settle back into normal wildlife patterns.

(I can't imagine there isn't a story out there somewhere where people realise that our own wildlife are actually Pokemon named things like "Meow", "Ruff", "Ca-Caw", "Coo-Coo", "Moo" etc, and start training them up to use powerful attacks 'like they were always meant to'.)


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