Subject: Ackshually...
Posted on: 2020-06-24 12:39:46 UTC

If the "functioning government" in question is a democracy, Pokémon battles are such an integral part of culture in the Pokémon world that there's no way they would shut them down. (Except for Fiore, but the wild Pokémon there still battle. Otherwise the Rangers wouldn't be able to call on any useful Pokémon.) If it is a kleptocracy, there's no way the number of industries involved in Pokémon battles are going to let the government shut down. If it is a monarchy or aristocracy, they still want to preserve popular opinion so that the commoners don't rise up and overthrow them. Even if it's a self-destructive Nazi-style dictatorship that will probably be gone by the end of the decade, Pokémon battles do provide effective bread and circuses for the masses, and why outlaw them when training Pokémon provides effective weapons of war?

tl;dr your opinion is wrong

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