Subject: My opinions are never wrong. >:(
Posted on: 2020-06-24 13:20:20 UTC

So far as I can determine through the intensive research of having played some games and seen some episodes, most Pokemon regions are ruled by what are essentially military setups: the most effective "government" is the gym system, where leadership is established by prowess in battle. (They may not be officially described as the government, but when a problem - even a world-threatening problem - arises, the people trying to solve it are gym leaders, Elite Four members, and Champions.) It makes perfect sense that they would want to keep the system in place; it's what grants them their authority!

Now, if a single autocrat or monarch took over, would he want to keep allowing everyone from the age of ten upwards to keep harnessing raw elemental power? Absolutely not! You can only afford that if the populace is loyal to you, and as you've just said, taking away their pit fights isn't going to do wonders for that.

But more than that: I think this idea that everyone is deeply invested in the pit-fight system is biased by who the game protagonists and Ash hang out with - to whit, other trainers. Most of the people in the game towns don't talk about their Pokemon in battle terms - they treat them as pets, or as working animals.

Frankly, if a movement arose promising to form an elected government and put an end to the "You made eye contact with me NOW DIE" / "our city has been taken over by a gang wielding all-powerful demons" setup, I think they'd be very popular.

Except for how everyone would see them as just another one of those gangs. You know, the gangs which the unelected strongmen of the Elite Four seem utterly incapable of putting down. It's almost like they keep them around for just this reason...

The question of whether such a movement could actually fulfill its promises rests on the question of whether "Pokemon don't attack humans" is actually true, or just a convenient lie. I mean, Pikachu never seems to have any qualms about electrocuting Ash, so maybe democracy advocates all just vanish in mysterious, Growlithe-centric encounters in the forest...


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