Subject: No noveling for me, but if I can get something finished this month, I'll be happy.
Posted on: 2020-11-02 02:32:55 UTC

Heck, if I can get something finished this year I'll be happy, but it would be nice to have all of December for beta-reading and publication. {= P

I've got a Derik & Gall mission that is this close to being done. It's been this close for months. Possibly even all year. I just have to get through the confrontation scene, which has not come easy for reasons I don't entirely comprehend.

I'd also like to finally get another chapter of Skyrim fic written. I'm just nervous because it'll be the first dragon combat scene, and my common sense suggests that the only way anyone survives it in the game is by virtue of plot armor. ^_^; I think I might change things up by having Farengar go along to the Western Watchtower instead of Irileth; it seems to me that a competent wizard can do more against a dragon than a melee fighter. Plus, Farengar really wants to see a live dragon For Science, and if he's supposed to figure out how to defend a city from one of these things, it would be very useful to see one in action.

Also, the next LWS cowrite chapter, maybe, though I dunno if cowrites can/should be included for this sort of thing.

If I were feeling really ambitious, I might go for a hat trick with all three projects, but... I'm not feeling that ambitious. ^_^; Two, maybe—two of the three might be a realistic stretch goal. {= )

Good writing, everyone!


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