Subject: Crossed 10K words last night!
Posted on: 2020-11-06 09:58:41 UTC

Elizabeth of York, widow of the assassinated Henry VII of England, has created a lesbian spy network, and is currently working to prevent the takeover of Europe by Philip the Handsome, Duke of Burgundy. Also, as first person narrator, she flatly refuses to refer to either of the kings of England properly. Edward VI is at least 'Edward', but Richard IV is only ever 'Warbeck'.

Because he's an imposter claiming to be her brother, but still. It's not exactly convenient.

Given my outline, I only have another 6K words before the narration switches to Catherine of Aragon. I need to get through three years and two major rebellions in that time... it'll be fine, it's NaNo. :D

How's everyone else getting along?


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