Subject: Eight and a half thousand words for me.
Posted on: 2020-11-06 11:24:09 UTC

In my original 'fic Captain Theo is welcoming the newest member of his mercenary band onto the ship, with help from a healthy dose of exposition and background information.

In my Skyrim 'fic the Necromancer and the Dragonborn have successfully managed to leave Castle Volkihar without being turned into Vampires. Where they go now is still a mystery (well to them, I think I've got it figured out).

In my Dragon Age/Grim Dawn 'fic the Taken (hero of Grim Dawn) is about to realise they're not in Kansas anymore (so to speak). Meanwhile the Inquisitor does the Time Warp.

In my Star Wars/Star Wars 'fic a 'redeemed' Sith and a Jedi have just met Obi Wan and are realising that while Hoth is still as cold and boring as ever the rest of the galaxy might have changed a little bit since they were last out there.

And in my D&D 'fic Skaxire is about to head off on his first proper adventure. And realise that when your traveling companions are two Bugbears, a Goliath, a Yuan-ti and a Dragonborn a Tiefling might be the most approachable of the lot.

Hoping to hit just over 10k by the end of today.

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