Subject: This is the reason (well, one of many) on why I'm not on Discord
Posted on: 2020-11-08 04:14:18 UTC

I have... 11k words? 11k+? Not for sure lol, but 500-600 of those words are words from research for fanfic. Might throw in a mission or two into the word count... I don't know yet lol.

But I have been busy. School being the major thing on my plate, with science throwing stuff at me nearly every day (which reminds me... I need to check google class.), so that's fun. I promise I'll try and get on. Not tonight, my Discord use tablet is charging, but maybe tomorrow. Let us see how long it takes me to write 1,667 words.

-Kittyauthor, who is tired and tired of science at this moment.

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