Subject: New Year's Eve Party RP
Posted on: 2020-12-31 16:42:54 UTC

(( So, since many of us probably aren't in a position to have an NYE party this year, let's live vicariously through our characters| ))

(( As usual, you don't need Permission, this isn't canon unless someone decides to make it so elsewhere. ))

The HQ 2021 New Year's Eve party (or, more accurately, the officialest and largest party taking place sometime around December 31st, 2020) was off to a good start. Food was being consumed with gusto (it being well known that Agents' attitudes towards free food that isn't from the Cafeteria mirror those of Tyranid grad students) and replaced just as quickly, and there was plenty of alcohol for those who wanted or needed it. Whoever had put together the large "2021" hanging from the ceiling had really outdone themselves with the intricate light patterns, though most of the guests probably couldn't see the full performance. The only real catch as the moment was that the backup DJ had decided that covers of Klingon opera performed by whales were a good music choice.

Despite the large room and the number of people present, things didn't get too overwhelmingly loud or chaotic (thanks in part to some sound dampening spells), allowing people to have conversations and to drift between various small groups of people if they wanted to avoid larger crowds.

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