Subject: Maryanne was having a great time.
Posted on: 2020-12-31 18:34:44 UTC

Normally as an obvious minor she wouldn't have been allowed to come, but she'd managed to cajole both of the agents who'd rescued her into ostensibly responsible chaperones and nobody in charge had either cared or cared enough to object.

The party food was excellent except when it wasn't (which was often enough that she probably ought to have been concerned, had she not been thirteen). And there were so many people! Surely some of them would talk to her about being an agent!

The worst part was probably that neither of her chaperones would let her drink any kind of punch.

Liz was not having as great a time, having mostly been convinced to come by the free food and the vague idea that she should probably socialize with people who weren't her partner. The fact that the thought of saying 'no' to Maryanne had occurred for a whole two seconds before Liz gave in, despite already knowing she would probably regret it, did in fact occur.

So there she was, plate of food she was mostly sure she could eat in hand, trying to keep Maryanne in sight and out of the alcohol. It was just as hard as it sounded.

Avery was having a better time than Liz. The fact that 'having a better time' meant 'sitting off to one side with their drawing tablet while it was Liz's turn to keep Maryanne out of too much trouble' probably said something about them.

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