Subject: Ed and Sparky
Posted on: 2020-12-31 17:18:01 UTC

Near one of the tables, a gargoyle called Ed and a duplicant known as Sparky looked around.

"Wow," Ed muttered. "I never knew that I'd be experiencing such a historical moment." Sparky nodded while trying to reach a Cheeto that was on the rim of a very large bowl sat on a table that was about her height.

She warbled something, but Ed's UT had been experiencing an odd bug where sometimes it wouldn't translate Sparky, leaving him unable to understand most of her theramin-y chatter. In response, he nodded.

Then, disaster struck.

Sparky, in her desperation to reach that one Cheeto, accidentally spilled the entire bowl onto her. Ed's wings shot up and out until they were fully extended, however his perpetual scowl barely changed. The duplicant then promptly mumbled an apology and covered her face in embarrassment.

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