Subject: A thing
Posted on: 2020-12-31 21:33:11 UTC

Charlie and Jiwon stood at one of the many food tables arranged in the room, checking out the assorted foods and occasionally looking around at the other partygoers.

“Say what you will about their music choices, but the food’s nice,” Charlie said, moving a piece of suspiciously translucent blue cheese to their plate. The whale opera in the background hit a fever pitch, and the tabaxi had to suppress a wince. They shifted the mandola strapped to their chest and looked over in the direction of the DJ.

Despite how they felt about the questionable music, Charlie felt at ease here. People, food, music, partying- all things the bard had experience with and enjoyed. In addition, they had finally managed to get Jiwon out of the RC for once; they weren’t even sure their partner had ever been to a party before.

Jiwon was warily looking at the party food, picking out only what he recognized as food and thus hoped he’d be able to digest (which wasn’t very much, to be honest). The young gumiho was starting to regret coming here, as he had never been too comfortable with large groups of people he didn’t know.

However, Charlie had been dead set on going and insisted that he socialize, so now he was stuck here. Jiwon figured he might as well get some free food while he was here, though his partner had recommended he stay away from the punch for some reason. He didn’t question it, though- he didn’t care for punch too much, anyway.

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