Subject: Jiwon was, indeed, nervous.
Posted on: 2021-01-01 18:13:56 UTC

Next to the tall, hooded man who looked like he had stepped out of a dystopian novel, the gumiho felt very, very small, even though he wasn’t in fox form at the moment.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t in his homeworld and thus didn’t have to hide his vulpine ears and tail, he suddenly wished that he had. He hoped he didn’t aggravate the man the way he was- demons didn’t attack humans (well, human-ish beings, at least) without good reason, right?

Charlie, on the other hand, wasn’t remotely concerned about anything at all, except perhaps the operatic whale music, which was still blasting away in the background. The tabaxi was pretty sure it had gotten louder.

They had noticed their partner’s apprehension, but they had chalked it up to social anxiety. Tieflings did tend to put more the superstitious folk on edge easily; they figured he’d be fine.

“Eh, don’t worry about it, I hear HQ confuses just about everyone. I’ve been here for almost a year as well, and I still get lost just about every time I go, well-” They chuckled. “-Anywhere, really! So, what division are ya in?”

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