Subject: Iiiiiiit's the SHIPFEST! (Signup thread)
Posted on: 2021-03-01 09:07:37 UTC

The PPC Shipfest: that time in March where we abandon our devotion to canon and instead devote ourselves to writing silly shipping fics of each other. (That's Boarders, not Agents - Agent badfics are a whole different event.)

Being written for the shipfest is opt-in only, and this is the opting-in thread. Sign yourself up, give a brief description for us to ignore (pronouns are very useful), and state any restrictions - but my advice is to limit these to your actual hard-line no-nos, not just preferences. The more scope you give people, the more fun it is!

You can also explicitly opt-out if you're worried, but people are pretty good about respecting the rules. Shipfics are generally capped at PG-13, so don't worry that there's going to be explicit stuff. Also, if someone demonstrates they're uncomfortable with anything, just stop it; you know this. :)

This is also the thread for suggesting ships! The more the merrier [waggles eyebrows], but try to give some spurious justification, otherwise you're just slapping names together at random. Don't propose shipping yourself with anyone unless it's canon or pre-agreed; that's kinda creepy. (Writing stories about you!ships suggested by others is totally cool, though.) I'll try to keep the Official Ship List up to date.

In about a week, I'll start up the story thread (maybe sooner if this thread warrants it). Until then, there's no harm in pre-writing a couple of shipfics once the people involved have signed up. If there's one thing I know about PPCers, it's that we're certainly an eager lot... >:D If you need inspiration, the last few years of shipfics are available on the Shipfest Archives.


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