Subject: All right, PPC - let's get shipping.
Posted on: 2021-03-07 18:35:55 UTC

Anyone who hasn't opted in is free to still do so in the previous thread, but I feel like we should get this show moving.

The Official Ship List & Opt-ins/outs

Welcome to the thread where we write terrible shipfics featuring our fellow PPCers. ^-^ Typically with one another, but nobody's going to object to the occasional agent, canon, or random object (except the people who've said they will). Generally try to keep it PG-13 or below, respect people's conditions, and don't worry about accuracy - this is the Shipfest, not the accurate-representation-fest (we don't have one of those)!

You're free to take inspiration from the Official Ship List, or to come up with new 'ships on the fly. You are allowed to write about yourself, but 1) be aware of how you might make people uncomfortable, and b) try to stick to 'ships of you that other people already suggested. Don't worry - there's plenty to go around, and no restrictions on multiple people writing the same 'ship. And remember: if someone writes a terrible shipfic about you, the best form of revenge is to write one right back!

If you need some inspiration, check out the Shipfest Archives, now complete(!). As usual for the PPC, the more recent the story is, the more it represents our current ideas.

Let the shipfic commence.


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