Subject: ... Wouldn't Boromir suffer from misandry, though?
Posted on: 2021-04-05 04:44:26 UTC

Reviewing the words in case I get a chance to do some recording myself, though it looks like I have a full week of work ahead. Sigh.

[OT complaining]

I wouldn't mind so much if my annotation side-job wasn't still about conciseness, which is an incredibly tedious thing to evaluate for one thousand lines. First I gotta read to understand the line's meaning, then I gotta read again to decide if it's overly wordy or not, and if it is, then I gotta read the correction provided to see if it's an improvement or not. When half the lines are legalese, it's utterly mind-numbing and takes forever, and I hate feeling so sluggish at this when I felt like the Flash on the last project (reading for incorrect verb forms).

Every now and then I get something that seems to have come from a godawful erotic story, though; those lines are at least entertainingly bad, and often easier to judge, too. Kinda wish I could just edit that, but OTOH, it looks like rubbish, so that would only make for a different kind of brain damage.

[/OT complaining]

Anyway. Really just wanted to check about that one word. ^_^;


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