Subject: Hmm...
Posted on: 2021-04-05 21:27:40 UTC

How about this?

Poor Boromir, whose country’s need
The Sue decided was Ring-greed;
A bit part of misogyny'd
Been his, and then he died

And, if I may suggest one more change, for the rhyme:

In Moria, at the East Gate
The Sue tried to change Gandalf’s fate
But Balrog whips did not abate
And down Mithrandir went

BTW, I think my favorite line is the one about Galadriel letting the Sue peer into "a well" to see her fate. The Mirror of Galadriel, a well. Do people throw coins in it and make wishes, too? Horrible, and therefore very funny. {X D

~Neshomeh, struggling to focus on work when her brain wants to do more filking.

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