Subject: Well... That's kind of the problem.
Posted on: 2021-06-08 13:18:41 UTC

It's sort of unclear whether the people writing it legitimately believe that these events happened. There's some of these stories that read like reality shifting is a framing device (the good old astral travel excuse for self-insert fics, revisited with a zoomer touch) and the pretense that it's real is just stylistic; but then there's others that may be completely serious.

More annoying yet is the ones that might be "fake" as in completely made up and not based on actual experienced (or dreamed) events, but are presented as true specifically in order to deceive people and encourage them to keep pursuing their goals of shifting. Basically, it's all very complicated, and I'd personally err on the side of caution.

... By which I mean using the old PPC tradition of making up a fictional badfic for the sake of Plot. Or a fictional reality shifter character, in this case.

(Also, hi! I've been on the Discord for ages, but keep procrastinating an introduction post on the Board itself. Should really get to it at some point.)

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