Subject: I also think fic rarity could be a factor?
Posted on: 2021-06-15 21:46:47 UTC

For departments such as DOGA or WhatTheFic, it's possible part of the thing there is that there simply aren't that many fics with notable geographic distortions, and finding utterly incoherent fics that are amusing to spork isn't an easy task. In addition, I think the existence of Floaters can make niche departments less relevant- it's hard to commit to a pair of agents who you're really excited about and know that you can only do a certain kind of quite niche mission with them which will be hard to find when you could make them Floaters, do more standard missions most of the time, and branch out occasionally when you feel like it. I personally think that's a good thing- it's nice to have the freedom to take risks when you feel like it without having to commit to something more high-effort. But your mileage may vary- some people would likely prefer the flavor that an unusual department gives, and some people like having to try unusual things. Challenge can be good for creativity, after all! (if I ever get my Permission Request done, I imagine doing a Floater pair with a lot of standard missions, but I'd also take great pleasure in some WhatTheFicing)

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