Subject: Personally not in the best taste
Posted on: 2021-06-08 18:53:08 UTC

Like you said, it's difficult to determine the intent of the authors. Do they fully believe the contents of the script are real? Are they writing it as a more meta version of fanfiction? Is it just for fun? The line is very blurry. Personally however, I think the fact that they are writing a shifting script and not fanfiction is indicative of it leaning less into fiction and more into "realism." I mean, if they were intending it on being a self-insert fic with no grounds in reality, why wouldn't they just write a self-insert fic with no grounds in reality?

I agree that even if just for now it's best to leave it alone. Maybe circumstances will change a few years down the line when the authors have grown out of this phase and shifting is remembered as a weird period of internet history when people thought they could astral project into other realities. Until then though, I think that the PPC should just stick to avoiding any unnecessary discomfort that is bringing potentially real people into missions and sporking.
- clairvoyant

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