Subject: Yeah, I definitely mean logs presented as stories, not logs presented as logs.
Posted on: 2021-06-11 13:53:20 UTC

If you take an RP log, do little or nothing to it, call it a story anyway, and slap it up on a fanfiction site for all and sundry to judge as such, that's what I mean. Not, e.g., these. {= )

Also possibly stories written as stories based on the events of RPs, but then there's no reason to treat them separately from any other story—except maybe to be on the alert for the increased likelihood that every single OC and possibly the canon characters are flaming Sues. Look, I'm very fond of my old RP buddies, the good times we had, and the stories we wrote about them, but man oh man, I tell ya, the stories were not good. {X' D And, I mean, maybe there's some room for leniency in those cases given that insane things happen because multiple people had a hand in them and there's some mob improv mentality involved, rather than one person actually thinking it made sense? I dunno. Could be interesting.


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