Subject: Hilariously enough, it's actually viable Quenya.
Posted on: 2022-01-12 17:03:52 UTC

Lune-ssa would mean "their (sg.) blue". My guess is that it's supposed to be "from the blue" or "from the darkness", which would be Lunessë and Lunassë respectively, and people do like to slap an A onto words to turn them feminine...

But that's Quenya, and Elrond's family use Sindarin. Also, um, what's a witch? That's not a species in any bestiary of Arda I've ever read...

Actually she looks kind of refreshing: a proper traditional Legoluster Suvian! She even calls him "Legolas Greenleaf" as if it was his surname! It's just a shame it's a) so long and b) descends into smut (at least per the tags), otherwise I might be tempted to do something with it.


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