Subject: From a certain point of view.
Posted on: 2022-01-13 13:57:20 UTC

  • Anna: Quenya, "Gift". It's... debatable whether common nouns can be used by themselves as names. The obvious example is Luthien, whose aftername Tinuviel is just a poetic term for a nightingale. But a) it's an aftername, not a birth name, and b) it was given by a mortal. More typically, I'd expect to see a suffix or prefix attached (as indeed with Luthien itself, "daughter of flowers").

  • Ann: Sindarin, "Gift". Exactly the same situation as above. Ironically, this means that "Anna" could be an archaic Sindarin name, Ann-a, "of the gift". (Sindarin generally dropped the -a genitive suffix, but it survived in Doriath.)

  • Ariel: plausibly Quenya, "noble daughter", from Ara+iel. This would actually be identical in Sindarin.

  • Ella: dubious. I can make it Quenya, "starred", but it would be an active participle rather than an adjective, uses an archaic word for star, and would probably be Elila instead. It's also an old pronoun, "from you", and the Telerin word for "Elf". I don't think anyone would use it.

  • Laura: well, laur is the root for "gold" in both Quenya and Sindarin, but there's no obvious -a suffix for it other than that old genitive again. So it could just about be archaic Sindarin "of gold". (Quenya would retain the "e" in laure; laurea is an adjective for "golden".)

  • Marion: good Quenya for "son of the House". Whether you'd actually call someone this, given that Sauron's original name was Mairon, is debatable - the Sindar do still refer to the Vala Orome as Tauron, so maybe they see similarities differently. (Of course, "Marion" is less recognisable than "Marian", which is not Quenya.)

So yeah, I'd accept Marion for any Quenya speaker, and Anna and Laura as Doriathrin Sindar. Marion would be a male name; I'm not sure if Sindarin sees -a as a feminine ending (Quenya kind of does, hence Varda).

It would be hilarious to write a short story about Luthien's childhood, with her handmaids Laura and Anna. Anna's pet-name for Laura is Lauren, "my Gold"; Laura just calls her Ann, "Gift".

(I'm totally going to spend the afternoon coming up with other plausible names for this.)


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