Subject: Yeah, all right.
Posted on: 2022-01-14 09:22:42 UTC

There are twelve canonical Disney Princesses (plus a whole lot more princesses who are Disney, but I don't have that kind of time), so let's work down the list.

  • SNOW WHITE - not Elvish, but appears in LotR. Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear! / O Queen beyond the Western Seas! It isn't actually a translation of either of Varda's Sindarin names, but might well be a rendering of Quenya Oiolossë, "Ever-snow-white", ie Taniquetil.
  • CINDERELLA - very nearly Quenya. Cintarella is tiny (cinta) + an abstract suffix (re) + a polite plural 'your' (-lla). "Your tinyness" would work, and sounds like an amusing royal title.
  • AURORA - Doriathrin Sindarin. Another one with that -a genitive suffix, this is a strangely repetitive word. Aur is day, and or- is... day, in the names of days. So Aurora, "day from a day".
  • ARIEL - still both Quenya and Sindarin Ariel, "Noble Daughter".
  • BELLE - possibly Telerin BELLE, "physical strength". I say possibly, because this isn't attested in the later phases; but the use of bel- words to indicate strength continues in Sindarin.
  • JASMINE - corrupted Quenya. There is no J in any Elvish language, so we have to spell it with a Y. Unfortunately there's not a lot of late Y words to choose from... best I can do is Yassemina, "once upon a time - eager", or something like "let's start the story!".
  • POCAHONTAS - -_- but oddly enough, straight Quenya. Pocahontas, "before-after-heart-pointing/there", or "always follow your heart".
  • MULAN - close to Sindarin. Going for the pronunciation this time, I would pick Muilann, "dreary gift". It might even shorten to Mulann over time.
  • TIANA - Quenya, from tie-ana > Tiana, "towards the road".
  • RAPUNZEL - haha no, that's not Elvish. That -nz- tells me it's obviously Adunaic, the language of Numenor. With the tiny word list, the closest I can get is raba+inzil > Rabênzil, "dog flower".
  • MERIDA - nearly Sindarin, meril+îdh+a > Merîdha. It means something like "from the repose of the rose".
  • MOANA - Quenya, sort of. I'm actually going to combine a Qenya and Quenya word here and write moa, "sheep", +ná, "that is a fact" > Moana - "yes, it's a sheep!".


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