Subject: A quick (not so quick) run through the baby name lists...
Posted on: 2022-01-13 18:47:26 UTC

... and I can offer many proper Elvish names!

  • DAMIEN - S., Daughter of the Hammer
  • DANIEL - S., daughter of the Green-elves
  • ADAM - S., back up
  • SIMON - Q., Great Mind
  • PETER - Q., Through Closed Lips
  • DORIAN - S., Land-Land (but officially King-Land)

  • RACHEL - archaic S., star-wain (modern version would be 'Rasgel')

  • KATIE - Q., back road (would usually be written 'Catie', but see Helkaraxe)

  • MARIE - Q, Garlanded hand

  • ABIGAIL - S., spark a little after

So there you go! You could legitimately write a story where Luthien hangs out with her buddies Laura (rhymes with cow-ra), Rachel (rhymes with J.S. Bach-el) and Abigail (rhymes with... uh... the 'ai' is an 'eye' sound).


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