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Posted on: 2023-01-12 03:55:14 UTC

Ha ha ha ha ha, yes! The mini-Furys do take things seriously, don’t they? X D I’m half surprised S.H.E.I.L.D didn’t find a way to break back into the Word World to finish the mission! Also, I love that the disguise generator represented Derik’s eye situation by emulating the real Fury!

Oh noooo, Dr. Feline does indeed sound like she’s Jessica Rabbit-shaped . . . I actually find it hard to look at Jessica because my brain insists on imagining what her spine and organs are doing, so having to picture Feline throughout this mission was rather unwelcome. Plus, at least Jessica stays clothed all throughout her movie . . .

I like the scene with the “helicraft.” Gall got so excited about visiting the MCU, I’m glad she also had to experience one of its negative aspects: the noisy, military-grade technology! It’s pretty wild the thing annihilated the sound barrier twice over like that. We’re so used to spatial and temporal distortions in Tolkien’s works, but it reaches a whole other level when the characters have access to aircraft technology! It also led to that sweet scene of Derik being supportive and caring towards Gall, something she doesn’t often give him the opportunity to do.

“Kitty wanna play a game with tony” Aaah. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Like, I hate Stark, but this just isn’t how he talks; even when he’s being a lech, he at least sounds smoother than this. The worst part is, the actual prank does sound like the sort of thing he would do. I can even picture the script writers leading into it with a fake-out innuendo, just . . . not with this phrasing, this psychologically damaging phrasing. In fact . . . I’m so sorry, but I have to do this now:

Tony stared into the bottom of the liquor glass. “Hm. A cat . . . shapeshifter.” He slid the glass around the bar in a circle, stirring the contents. “And none of my other soon-to-be-tolerated house guests have arrived yet. Doctor, I wonder if you’d be interested in having a little fun?” He stepped out from behind the bar and approached the couch where Dr. Feline was lounging, somehow stretching across all three cushions despite her height.

She lolled her head back and eyed Stark warily down the bridge of her nose. “I’m rather partial to fun, Mr. Stark, but I’m not sure Mrs. Potts would approve.” She raised an eyebrow.

“Please, call me Tony,” Stark replied, turning his head to the side as though modeling his face for her. “Or Iron Man, that one still hasn’t gotten old. But no, I was thinking something significantly less mature. See, nobody else knows what your power is. I would love to find out how long it takes . . .” Now he raised an eyebrow.

“. . . That the housecat in the room is part of the team.” Dr. Feline smiled.

Stark raised the glass in a toasting gesture. “Is kitty game?”

“Kitty is game.” And Dr. Feline began to change.

Bah, sorry, just had to work that one out of my system.

Augh! I’m also sorry you had to deal with “taunt waste,” but I think you handled it as well as anyone could. Not to brag, but the second the agents started talking about portaling the waste away, my kneejerk reaction was, “Gosh, they could just throw it into the Bog of Eternal Stench, no one would notice it there.” And behold! We’re on the same wavelength!

Okay, so . . . to understand my reaction to Derik’s song, I first need you to understand that I have never sat and listened to “Down Under.” Like, I know the song exists, I’ve heard bits of it on the radio, but I never actually sit and listen, because it is slow and boring and does not fuel me with energy, like a song should. So I get to that section of this story, see the format change, and I’m like, “Whoa, Neshomeh wrote a whole original song for this mission! That’s amazing! It looks like maybe a rap rhythm?” So then I read the first line, don’t recognize that. Then I read the second line, and I’m like, “Oh, that’s from that one famous song that I never listen to because it sucks. Isn’t that song about Australia? And Dr. Feline was living in Australia. Neshomeh is so clever! What a clever reference!” And then I get through that first big I don’t know the words for song parts I’m going to say stanza, still recognizing none of it, but then I hit the chorus, and I’m finally like, “Oh, it’s not an original song that references the sucky Australia song, it’s a filk of the sucky Australia song.” And then the full force hits me. Derik. Is filking. In the Hulk’s face. Derik is filking the Hulk in the face. It’s so beautiful, Nesh. It’s so beautiful. And that’s the whole story of me reacting to Derik’s song. I love that the powers that both agents gave themselves factored into the mission’s success, but Derik’s scene is unquestionably the best.

New word learned: “chunder,” but I could have done without it, I think . . .

—doctorlit comes from a land warmed over (I mean not right now but you know desert humor hah hah)

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