Subject: It started because I wanted to give Inasuke a Vil mini.
Posted on: 2023-02-20 15:44:37 UTC

Also, quick check, there’s not a ton of Twisted Wonderland fanfic out there. Only about four page’s worth on, so I wouldn’t say it’s a super popular continuum. It’s just one of Yuki’s favorites.

Minis don’t just have the entertainment values of “hey, that’s a funny spelling error”. They can also be storytelling devices—such as when, say, an agent is searching for a specific mini, or when a lack of apostrophe results in a character duplicating.

That said, I have nothing against marking artificially constructed minis, at least out of universe.

As for actively writing missions, we’ve had about half a dozen or so writers put out new missions this year, I’d guesstimate.


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