Subject: From an agent's standpoint, though...
Posted on: 2023-02-20 19:41:03 UTC

The existence of a mini means that someone has misspelled the name of a character. If it's a character you love/respect highly, why would you want to see that happen? Just so you can have a specific pseudo-pet? Bit selfish, innit?

Also, as a reader, I don't often find minis interesting in stories. When people are collecting minis for the sake of collecting minis, and note down every single bloody one, all that does is increase the word count; there's no added story value. Agents getting mobbed by minis and having to overcome that as an obstacle, that's different, but I haven't seen that as often as I've seen "and then another mini appeared and then the agents sent it to [OFU], just like the last ten." I admit I'm old and jaded, so you may take my feelings on this with a grain of salt, but I'm so, so over that trend. The slightest suggestion of it makes me cringe.

Re. seeking a specific mini, again, why would an agent want that?

Re. apostrophe errors creating duplicates of a character... Well, I'd say it's a solid choice to write that instead of counting it as a mini. Definitely do that instead. {= P

To be fair, I get why minis are fun from our standpoint, as an expression of being part of a fandom and a community within the fandom. I totally get wanting to have minis from your favorite continuum. It's like, the thing you like is popular enough to have badfic with minis, and that's... cool...? So minis are "cool points," I guess?

I just object to fabricating "cool points" by misspelling names on purpose. It feels like cheating, and it also feels antithetical to the PPC's standpoint that bad writing is bad and should be avoided. It rubs me the wrong way, that's all.

I'm still not saying "don't do it ever"—if you want to write missions without sporking a real fic because you don't want to antagonize people, that's fine, and it shouldn't stop you from having the same fun as everyone else. But I will repeat that I think it should be noted on the wiki if a mini came from a constructed badfic, so people aren't misled. The same reason a constructed badfic itself should be noted as such.


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