Subject: Hol' up, mini-Dementors? That's terrifying. {X D
Posted on: 2023-02-20 22:38:59 UTC

Granted, they'd be less bad than full-blown Dementors, but knowing they'll only make you a little depressed and only suck a little of your soul is cold comfort. Literally. Speaking as a depression-sufferer and an arachnophobe, I'd rather have the giant spiders, thanks. {X D

Re. getting dibs on making the mini type, at least making a whole badfic is putting in more effort than just declaring it so on the Board. I agree that shouldn't be the only place they've ever been seen, though. To add an additional point, if fanwriters aren't producing "wild" minis in a particular fandom, it's disingenuous to write a constructed fic that makes out like they are. Good parody must have its roots in the facts.

~Neshomeh generally approves of having standards.

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