Subject: And to be a bit more specific with my own gripe:
Posted on: 2023-02-20 20:13:38 UTC

It's less the constructed typos themselves—I do like Nesh's suggestion of noting them on the Wiki.

I'm more bothered at using constructed typos to make and name the first minis of a continuum. Since the discoverer of each continuum's mini type gets to decide what the mini is, I feel that really should be left to finding the first "wild" instance for each continuum. Otherwise, we're taking fun away from future writers, and any permission-having Boarder can get "dibs" on any continuum they want by making up a badfic for it. I'm fine with Inasuke getting his Vil-based mini at last, since there's no guarantee of ever finding one. (Though imagine Shirayuki does, and she's already used this plot point? Kind of ruins the moment, yeah?) I'm more bothered by the mini-Petes, although the "Mcikfy" shirt helps mollify me a little bit on that.. And I'm definitely not on Board with the baby moray eels, which seem to have no basis in anything outside the constructed fic.

I know I've been . . . overly invested in mini creation in the past, so if I'm being Too Much again, I can back off from this. But I also think we need to have some standards, if only to free up creative space for future PPCers.

—doctorlit still wishes HFA had been just a teeny bit delayed, so we could have mini-Dementors for Potterverse instead of the spiders

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