Subject: If You Give a Vulcan a Birthday Cake
Posted on: 2023-05-19 06:44:07 UTC

Written for the "baking" writing prompt.

Alexa Perkins was bored. She hadn’t had her first mission yet, she didn’t feel like reading, and there wasn’t anything of interest on TV. She considered going to the pool, but it was still a bit of a mystery whether HQ even had a pool, so eventually, she just decided to scroll listlessly through her phone.

She began reading the profiles of herself and her partner, T’Lai, when something caught her eye: under T’Lai’s profile, it said that her birthday was on May 19th. Then, Alexa realised that today was May 19th, so she decided she’d bake her partner a cake.

She went into the RC’s small kitchen and set to work, ending up on a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and “70” written on top in green M&Ms.

T’Lai was reading on her bed, when Alexa came bursting into the room, holding the cake and singing, excitedly and slightly off-key, “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear T’Lai! Happy birthday to you!”. She then placed the cake on the bedside table.

“I was reading our profiles ‘cause I was bored and I saw it was your birthday, so I baked you a cake,” she said.

T’Lai raised an eyebrow. “Vulcans do not celebrate birthdays,” she said. “In addition, we do not consume sucrose-based confections. However, I appreciate the sentiment.”

Alexa shrugged. She wasn’t all that disappointed, really – after all, if T’Lai didn’t want her cake, there was more for Alexa.

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