Subject: Why is this a separate post?
Posted on: 2023-05-19 21:06:16 UTC

The other responses to Novastorme's prompts were all part of that thread, because it's entirely unnecessary to create another thread.

That said, I'll share my thoughts on the response itself.

First off, this was quite short. It felt rushed, and you could have done more with this. Maybe Alexa got very excited about making the cake, didn't have the ingrediants, but still managed in the end, only for T'Lai to turn her down. As it is... it's kinda underwhelming.

I'm also not quite sure what these "profiles" that you're referring to are, and why Alexa would be looking at them. I think you could have introduced the birthday in a more interesting way.

It's not bad, but I wish there was more here.


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