Subject: That's fair, re: cake smashing.
Posted on: 2023-05-20 07:01:41 UTC

I was actually making a hyperbolic example of how someone could react to their partner not wanting to eat the cake they'd spent an absurd amount of effort on, but I definitely phrased it in a way that makes me seem more of a dick than I would actually be about it irl. I would not actually smash anyone's face into a cake, but I'm pretty sure some of my agents would, because smashing someone's face into a cake is an incredibly petty response to the other person completely dismissing your hard work on said cake, and some of my agents are that level of petty.

I think the problem is that... if you're close enough friends with this person to want to do something thoughtful for their birthday, wouldn't you know them enough to know they don't celebrate birthdays or eat cake? Or, if this is earlier on in their partnership and Alexa simply hadn't done that much research into Vulcan culture, why can't this clash be used as a way for them to develop the partnership further? Why didn't Alexa decide to bake something T'Lai might actually want to eat? Or, why doesn't T'Lai want to try this bit of human culture and sample some cake? As it is, everything just sorta resets back to zero, and no one seems to have learnt anything or developed their friendship.

"It didn't need a problem because it's a writing exercise" -- I mean, fair, you're free to do what you want with a prompt. But if you're looking for more substantive feedback than "cute!", then it's good to have your main character want something but then be thwarted in obtaining said thing easily. The PPC is full of main characters and its HQ is designed to thwart them at every opportunity, to the point that other characters start alerting the DMS if your agents experience 'plans going smoothly' and 'no inconveniences' for more than 4 hours. Half the fun of getting such a prompt is thinking about how something like 'baking' could go horribly, hilariously wrong in HQ.

~Lily, who has never lived so far under a rock that she would throw a Christmas party for a Jewish friend, though if she'd accidentally gone and invited a Jewish friend to a party on the 24th, she'd probably switch the plans to making latkes and watching Die Hard instead...

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