Subject: Crackpot Theory [Spoilers]
Posted on: 2024-05-16 07:34:20 UTC

[The series finale. The Doctor lost Ruby about ten minutes ago, let's say in an explosion. Now suddenly she shows up alive]

DOCTOR: Oh Ruby, I'm so glad you're okay! How did you even survive that?

RUBY: Ruby? Who's Ruby?

DOCTOR: What? Babes, what's wrong? Don't you remember?

RUBY: Oh Doctor, haven't you figured it out yet? I'm not Ruby Sunday.

DOCTOR: Oh no. No no no no no.

RUBY: Ruby Sunday never existed. I... am... the Master.

Of course I have evidence; otherwise it would just be a Crackpot Hypothesis.

1/ There have been five musical numbers in Doctor Who. Three of the others were the Master. The fourth was the Toymaker with the Master in his tooth. The Master should be involved this time too.

2/ A woman's hand picked up the Gold Tooth Master. Ruby is also a woman. QED.

3/ The Doctor has been scanning Ruby and getting puzzling results. The last time that happened was when Amy Pond turned out not to be human right now.

4/ The presence or absence of Ruby Sunday has repeatedly caused major alterations to the timeline. The biggest of these was her stepping on a butterfly - which the Doctor had pretty much told her would have no effect - and Silurianising the human race. That says Time Lord to me - like back in Turn Left, when the Doctor's death caused the whole world to go to pot practically overnight.

5/ She looks like Clara Oswald cosplaying Rose Tyler. You know - the only two NuWho companions the Doctor kept across regenerations, so plausibly the ones he was most attached to. If you were trying to gain his trust, that's a great way to go about it.

So how did this happen? There's multiple options here:

a) She's just the Master. This is how she regenerated after being freed from the tooth.

b) She's a bigeneration of the Master at some point.

c) She's the Gold Tooth Master, possessing a human body like the Tremas Master in OldWho.

d) In 13's last episodes, she was briefly forced to regenerate into the Master; Ruby could be the Master half of that combination, running around by herself.

e) She's the Master's daughter, either from Harold and Lucy Saxon, or from Saxon and Missy during that one disturbing episode they had together. She calls herself the Master because the Master is dead, so she feels she's inherited the title. (This could also be the case for option d.)

The biggest hint that we're looking at the Master's daughter would be if the Doctor's daughter reappeared, which has been rumoured since forever. Bonus points if she believes the Doctor to be dead and is calling herself the Doctor, "to keep the name alive". Options c and e also both explain why Ruby became a Silurian, which is a bit tricky if she's a full Time Lord.

Obviously I will be adding evidence to this theory as it comes in. ^_^


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