Subject: Series 14 spoiler-free review
Posted on: 2024-06-26 20:32:24 UTC

Now that the full series is out, I wanted to give my spoiler-free thoughts on the eight episodes. Don't worry, spoilery thoughts on the finale will follow. :D

Space Babies

The weakest of the series, which makes it a baffling decision as the opener. Apparently some people loved it, but the science was a shambles, the Doctor leapt to many many conclusions, the CGI was uncanny, and SPACE babies.

The Devil's Chord

The second weakest, unfortunately. I cannot fault the acting, and it did suffer from still having to explain things (the sonic, for instance), but it also made weird choices. I've already complained about this, I think. :D


MUCH better. Not the greatest episode, but far better. The plot beats strung together a lot better than in Devil's Chord, and while the physics didn't really work the way the script claimed, it still worked.

73 Yards

Might be the best episode of the series? The plot was fun, and the way Ruby used the main feature of the plot to her advantage was cool. The ending was a bit... vague on how it actually worked, and RTD is not helping in interviews about what she said.

Dot and Bubble

A very clever episode with something - actually several things - to say. The twists were very deliberately out of nowhere, for all that there are small hints seeded throughout.


So much fun. Apparently even more fun if you actually watch the show Ruby brings up, because there are specific references seeded throughout. And yes, that character being introduced is very deliberately extremely familiar.

The Legend of Ruby Sunday

Pretty good. The Doctor spends a lot of time running between two plots that seem to have no bearing on each other, but which he has just randomly decided are connected. The reveal at the end had me rocking with surprised laughter while the rest of the family stared at me in bafflement.

Empire of Death

Maybe the only episode which didn't say its own title, though I might just not remember it. A very RTD finale: high stakes, the companion rather than the Doctor stuck in the middle of it, and an ending to the series arc plot that doesn't quite satisfy. This particular ending left a huge blazing "but that doesn't work", which we can headcanon into sense but it would be nice if it had actually hung together. But overall it was good!

More, and spoilery, thoughts on the finale when I get a chance, but overall I liked the series, liked the cast, and wish some of the scripts could have been better.


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