Subject: I really liked "Dot and Bubble"!
Posted on: 2024-06-27 02:36:12 UTC

I think that's the only one that didn't leave me dissatisfied in some way. It hits hard and leaves you with lots to think about.

"Rogue" is nearly as good in a very different way, that being fun shenanigans with time travel plus aliens. And yes, can confirm the Bridgerton pastiche is hilarious, since I'd just started watching that when this ep aired! The amount of fangirling/fanboying is delightful. ^_^ I don't actually remember what bugged me about it; it was something minor. Anyway, I hope the guest character will be back!

"Empire of Death" does say its own title, via the Big Bad or one of the lackeys, I think.

The ending makes me even more annoyed at "73 Yards" for lampshading the lack of real explanations for things, like that makes it okay. "Haha, you want things to make sense? Nerds!" Jeez, sorry for caring. {= /

Overall I would say the good outweighs the bad, though! I'm definitely still on board for the next season!


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