Subject: Agreed.
Posted on: 2024-05-24 10:08:27 UTC

I did say they needed to take the pen away from Uncle Rusty... this was a Steven Moffat episode, and it kind of showed.

(As an aside, I didn't realise until yesterday that Moffat was also responsible for Sherlock. Kind of makes more sense of why people went off him so hard - they weren't just looking at his Doctor Who run.)

I actually find it quite funny that the philosophy of the series is now very clearly "this thing is controversial in America right now, here's a Time Lord to tell you which side is dumb and/or evil". I'm not overly surprised, mind you - Russell T. Davies has always done this (for example, Torchwood went out of its way repeatedly to explain that there is no afterlife) - but it's funny that they've done it just after going live on Disney+. (I will note that as far as I can tell, the production is still 100% BBC - Disney are only distributing.)

(Of course the show has always been "moralistic", so to speak: the second ever story was about Space Fascists and their nuclear weapons. THEY TALK LIKE THIS AND LOVE TO EX-TER-MIN-ATE.)


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