Subject: Seen the first two episodes and it was... fine.
Posted on: 2024-05-18 06:30:27 UTC

The plots themselves felt half-baked, and though I know Devil's Chord is supposed to set things up for later in the season, it didn't set things up in a satisfying way. Space Babies was just tonally all over the place, and it was especially painful because this is supposed to be a new introduction to the show.

I do love Ncuti and Millie as the TARDIS duo, and love their dynamic so far. They've been the highlight of the new season, and I was admittedly loving Jinkx's performance as the Maestro. Lowkey dreading building up to a possible reveal that the Doctor is another one of the entities from beyond our universe, and that this is how it's all going to tie into the Timeless Child again.

Anyway, all in all, not a great start to the new series. I'll keep watching because I do want to know if my theory that Ruby is Susan's granddaughter, or Susan herself under the effect of a Chameleon Arch, is correct. (the Doctor does seem to have settled into a more familial relationship with her quite quickly, huh?) The Rani namedrop also had me sitting up and pointing excitedly (how long has it been, now?) so I'm really hoping we'll see other Time Lords starting to make a reappearance.

Moffat coming back could either be brilliant or a complete circus. Either way, I'll be there with popcorn.

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