Subject: Hello again, chums! [[PPC Badfic Game 2008]]
Posted on: 2008-07-01 10:32:00 UTC

Hello again, chums! It's that time again. We here at Fanfic Land (The Fanfic You Can't Find Anywhere Else) are always eager to help out the fans of obscure works, those you can't write for anywhere else, and today we're highlighting one of our Internet Culture categories -- the PPC.

For those of you who don't know, the PPC, or Protectors of the Plotting Continuum (or something like that) is an internet phenomenon where 'Agents' work for 'Flowers' and kill 'Sues', working out of 'Hq'. It's all very exciting, and we've had some excellent work from our members in the past!

However, sad to say, the number of writers has gone down recently -- to be precise, no one's bothered since last July. This makes us her at FanfiC Land very sad, because we like having people writing on our site! Really we do! So go on, come back to us -- and get writing!

We know the internet moves very quickly sometimes, so there may be new writers among you. If there are, remember to pick a cool username, and, of course, to write yourself a profile. You can't make it big if noone knows who you are!

FfL Admin Team


This, for those of you who don't know, is the PPC Badfic Game. The premise is that a website has opened (Fanfic Land, of course) which features a PPC section. The internet being what it is, this attracts a horde of writers, most of them bad, and you, my dear fellow Boarders, are those writers.

The rules aren't exactly strict, but this is a game for the PPC fandom, rather than for the Board. Unlike the 'shipfest, most of the works from this will deal with Agents and their associated 'Sues, not with their Authors. Of course, this is badfic, so Authors may well show up, but it's primarily about the Agents and the PPC, not the Boarders.

The relevant section of the website is the PPC section, and if I'm not very clear about what's going on, take a look around and see what horrors we came up with last time. Additionally, this year, I'm going to point at the Internet Culture category. At the moment it's just window dressing, designed to give the site a feel, but if anyone feels like writing a story for one of the other categories -- or one that I haven't listed -- that would be amusing. I note particularly that we have a 'Wiki Projects' category... and a PPC Wiki. I've no idea how you could write fanfic for the Wiki, but if you think you can, go for it!

It should be obvious that the name you use as a FfL writer does not have to be the same as your Board name, or any other handle you go by; only myself and kippur used the same names, and we were the first two to participate, before I'd really started FfL. So pick a fun name, and create a persona -- or more than one, there's at least a couple of people who've got two different 'accounts' with different personalities. As to posting... well. There's no automatic posting, of course -- I have to add everything in by hand, so I've got a few requests to make things easier.

First, it'd be very helpful if anyone participating for the first time 'creates an account'. What this means in practice is that you make a post giving your author name and a profile I can add to your, well, profile page. This will mean that when you leave reviews, they will be 'signed' -- they'll link back to your profile. So even if you're not writing a story, an account can be useful.

As an aside: when it comes to reviews, I pluck them from the replies to the posted chapters of the stories. This is a fully in-character game, so these reviews are more like gutsygemiwrya's 'lol romantic!!' than a Boarder saying how amusingly terrible it was. And yes, flames are allowed -- we all know it's not serious. And you can review-reply to your own story, or to your reviewers.

Following the aside, second point: when you start a story, it helps immensely if you make sure to give your FfL author name (obviously), along with the title of the story and, if possible, the details that will appear on the front page -- Category, Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R), Language, Genre. The other things I put in myself, but these four (well, Category and Language are usually PPC and English, so you don't need to mention them unless they're different) these two I'd appreciate it if you could give me. Makes my job easier.

Third, and finally, this is a game which pretends everyone is posting directly to the website. The various people throwing 'shipfics back and forth at each other in the 'shipfest was immensely amusing (and sometimes disturbing :P), but doesn't work in this format, really. In general, this one involves the first chapter of a story being attached to this post, and then the reviews to that chapter as replies to it, and the next chapter also attached to the first, and so on down.

Um... I think that covers most of it. Yes, I will be continuing the epic tale of Jaycacia Thornbyrd (OMG shes like SO COOOOOL!!) once I have a little time to think about it. If anyone has any questions that need clarifying, just ask, or check the page and use your common sense. And yes, as I said, you can have more than one account.

Oh, and thanks (blame?) go to Cassie and Neshomeh for sparking this off. I'm only posting this because I'm the one with the password to the website.


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