Subject: Plug/challenge - Agentshipping.
Posted on: 2014-04-15 10:06:00 UTC

If you were here for the last Badfic Game, you may remember my alter-ego JayBird posting a story 'for a friend'. It was described as canon-friendly Jay/Acacia slash - not something that necessarily happened, but something which could have happened, off-screen.

And it was heaps of fun to write. So I decided to write some more.

Near Misses - the original Jay/Acacia (which I think got named Byrdtree).

Rejection - Selene/Dafydd.

First Sight - Constance/... well, read it and see.

All three stories are targetted somewhere around PG-13 - there is discussion of sexual matters, but no actual sexing.

As to canonicity... well, like I say, they're canon-friendly. These are stories which could have taken place - but there's no firm evidence either way. If you ship the pairings, you can believe they happened; if you don't, you don't have to.

However, the non-ship details are canonical. Things like the Medical-Operations 'cold war' (mentioned in First Sight), which have never been mentioned before, but are canonised in these stories. If and when they make their way onto the wiki, the reference/link should make the semi-canonical state of affairs clear. (And heaven knows what we'll do about the shippy side of things... 'According to one account'?)

And the challenge/request: I've pretty much exhausted my supply of agents for this. Everyone else either doesn't spend enough screentime with anyone (as you can see, I try for five or six scenes to extend), or is actually in a relationship with them (which would make the 'canon-friendly' part redundant). Or at least, I think I have. If you can think of any other agents of mine who I could do this to, I'd be very grateful, because it's heaps of fun. ;)

And since it is heaps of fun - do you have agents you could do this to? They need plenty of screentime together, to not be in a relationship with each other, and to not be firmly stated not to be in such a relationship.

(And on that note - how do we feel about people writing 'canon-friendly' stories about other people's agents? Since it's fanfic, not new canon, I'm not as sure as I would otherwise be...)


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