Subject: I see.
Posted on: 2020-03-16 15:37:31 UTC

Welp, that's exactly as I suspected, unfortunately. Bramandin (who has also gone by numerous other aliases at this point) is banned from this community, and bears a serious grudge against us, and has admitted to enjoying any opportunity to mess with us. On the off-chance you're not yet another sock-puppet or meat-puppet of hers, please take some time to review her history with us so you understand why we don't want to associate with her in any way, and then do us all (yourself included) a huge favor and cut ties, please. If you're going to serve as a way for Bramandin to force us to interact with her yet again, even indirectly, I expect that we will ban you, too, in accordance with our policy regarding sock-puppets and meat-puppets of Bramandin.

This constitutes a good-faith warning. Please take it seriously, but not personally.


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