Subject: This is rushed.
Posted on: 2020-03-16 17:56:29 UTC

I am incredibly angry right now, so I'm just going to focus on this part. I think you addressed some of the problems by revising the permission process. I also lost the chat with Bram, so it would take time to dig out the actual links.

"Would you mind explaining what you mean by that? Specifically, this bit: "We discussed my trying for permission under the same conditions that you imposed on them." IIRC, there have been revisions to the Permission process since Zdimensia first put up a request, and possibly also since she did so as Bramandin (under which name she (they?) did actually get Permission after a couple tries, so...between that and the Boarders who've gotten Permission since, it's clearly not impossible to get Permission with the current or previous processes, assuming that's what's meant by the next sentence)."

The way I understand it, Bram had two teams. The first team, and the second team. Bram would eventually discover that the second team wouldn't work and they would break that into two teams, while also completely reworking the concept for one agent. Neshomeh's feedback was "You didn't use your mains" or something, which I would like an interpretation of what was actually meant. Bram tried many times to explain that they wanted to use their first team for the prompt, which was seemingly ignored, and behind their back Neshomeh actually wondered why Bram didn't disregard their instructions.

Another problem was that writing agents in the PPC setting was not allowed at all at the time. Neshomeh's advice to write the agents before they got to the PPC was rejected for good reason. Neshomeh's insistence that personalities don't change was not only wrong, but incredibly insulting.

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