Subject: Man, do I ever try to stay out of this mess, but I'm curious.
Posted on: 2020-03-16 17:26:24 UTC

"We discussed my trying for permission under the same conditions that you imposed on them, which you yourself complained were unfair. But they feel that it is impossible and would only serve to anger people who won't understand what you asked of them."

Would you mind explaining what you mean by that? Specifically, this bit: "We discussed my trying for permission under the same conditions that you imposed on them." IIRC, there have been revisions to the Permission process since Zdimensia first put up a request, and possibly also since she did so as Bramandin (under which name she (they?) did actually get Permission after a couple tries, so...between that and the Boarders who've gotten Permission since, it's clearly not impossible to get Permission with the current or previous processes, assuming that's what's meant by the next sentence).

Also, while miscommunication can happen (and I vaguely remember there being some in Zdimensia's case--I think around different ideas for or uses of Permission prompts?) we're generally pretty open to answering questions about the Permission process and what exactly the PGs are looking for, given that we do want people to succeed. We've also had something like...five or more (I'm starting to think more, or else fiveish main ones with offshoots) lengthy conversations about whether and how the Permission process should be changed/adapted/simplified/standardized/made more accessible over the past seven years. While I'm sure there's more that could be done, and that there will eventually be even more discussions about it, the current version is a good few revisions away from being the first. There's been a lot of thought put into it, and I'm sure there will be more in the future. Heck, I've seen the topic surface as smaller discussions, such as the idea someone raised last year regarding Boarders without Permission potentially writing Intelligence reports. It's a more or less ongoing discussion, and has been one for years. I doubt it'll stop anytime soon, and I do expect it will eventually result in more revisions. The Permission process is not immutable.


PS: Just about all of the rest of what you've said has already been addressed many, many times by other people, and I have no interest in joining their ranks. I'm just curious to know what you meant in the bit I quoted, particularly the first sentence.

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