Subject: Glad you liked it!
Posted on: 2020-07-30 15:23:21 UTC

"This was a good introduction mission! It gives a simple first impression of the agents and their dynamic together, and also highlighted very clearly how the fanfiction didn’t work with canon."

Thanks! I was afraid that it wasn't going to be good, which is why I tried to wait for another beta. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

" I liked the unique idea of O’Ryan needing to read the words through a spinning yo-yo string."

Like I said to hS, I figured O'Ryan wouldn't get off too easily with reading the words because of his curse.

"One thing that wasn’t clear to me was why O’Ryan kept getting affected by the narration of the fic, but not Kitty. Is that a problem that’s unique to him, or is Kitty’s nature as a Mii blocking the fic’s ability to control her?"

It's a problem unique to O'Ryan. He has an IO curse of sorts which makes the narration affect him more than Kitty.

"Congratulations on your very first doctorlit typo report"


"I look forward to hearing more from you!"


"Oh, also, I would like to adopt Cyberteonian."

scribbles that down

"Since you created the mini type, are there any notes you’d like to share about how mini-Vehicons look and behave?"

They tend to be loyal to their owner, a carryover from the Vehicons being loyal to Megatron minor Prime spoilers. You could probably command them to do something and they would do it. They are shorter in height than Kitty (who is 3 foot 2) and they adopted their canon counterparts' "speak only when it's funny to do so" behavior. Their canon counterparts could speak in full, grammatically correct sentences. Most of them are purple, although TFwiki said they could come in other colors as well (I need to check which). They have two forms: their not form and one vehicle form. Said vehicle form can be a car, airplane/jet, a tank, or a helicopter. Their vehicle form is about the size of a model car/jet/helicopter/tank.

Here's an image from Prime

Note that these transform into cars, notable with the car wheels. Airplane versions don't have that.

Since your mini is a species name, you get to decide what it transforms into.

Kittyauthor, who had to edit this post a few times because the image wasn't showing up.

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