Subject: Thoughts and notes
Posted on: 2021-04-10 19:20:50 UTC

  • Ix being concerned about the vampire hunter thing is adorable
  • Heck, Ix and Lotte's opening is great
  • As is the joint pain remark
  • And Charlotte liking the dresses
  • The 'respect women juice' remark section gave me a sense of the problem even though I didn't know the canon
  • Charlotte's light teasing around the January thing is a nice touch
  • "maybe her purple eyes let her see through hands" :)
  • @fic, that sure is some plagiarism, alright
  • "maybe we should've packed anti-lustin" - yeah, that sounds right for someone who started as one of your self-inserts going into this fic
  • Getting stuck in italics was a nice gag
  • The grin that was more like teeth baring is a nice bit of description
  • No, don't tempt the ironic overpower! (but at least Ix brought her knee brace)
  • I laughed at the spawn camping line
  • In general, these two make a very cute couple
  • I'd like to congratulate the Sue on pasting herself into canon without much forethought
  • Bird disguises are a good call, and I don't think I've seen it used much
  • Marshmellows are a good call
  • Ix disguising herself as Dracula was a good idea
  • Good luck getting DoSAT to not be annoyed
  • And seeing the canons resisting was cool
  • I wonder what that very last bit at the end was about ...

Overall, this was a good mission. I got a sense of what the problems with the story were (even though I don't know the canon), there weren't walls of badfic, and there was lots of good interaction between Ix and Charlotte, both in terms of funny banter and cute couple stuff. I enjoyed reading this and look forward to more.

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