Subject: I actually had time to read and comment!
Posted on: 2021-04-14 20:12:03 UTC

It is so nice to see Ix not jumping at absolutely everything. She still blushes and demurs at anything too much like praise, but she's not aggressively self-deprecating anymore. Thank goodness! ^_^

Biggest laugh: “How do vampires wipe their asses with these talons?” Charlotte, asking the important questions! {X D Yes, I am a mature adult, why do you ask?

Not too sure I buy the accurate prediction of the Sue being a daughter or incarnation or whatever of Zeus? It's not a huge issue, but it threw me for a second. I read it as the agents just joshing about D&D and stuff that Sues pull in other continua up until it turned out to be exactly the case. I think maybe going from D&D to Greek gods in Castlevania doesn't quite track. Not sure what pantheon would make more sense in Castlevania... Roman, maybe? Or they could've stuck with the D&D analogy? And that would put them in the right ballpark without seeming precognitive. Anyway, not a suspension-of-disbelief dealbreaker or anything, just a moment of "oh, really? 'Kay." {= )

I liked the bit at the end with the three mains discussing what had happened. It was refreshing, seeing them act like themselves.

Couple additional typos:

  • to mingle with the survivor’s of last night’s attack - survivors

  • verse, Sides, cause and other such abbreviations - ’verse, ’Sides, ’cause, etc. (Need an apostrophe, not an opening quote. Nitpicky as it gets, I know.)

Overall, I enjoyed this. Netflix's Castlevania is great, the Sue was really annoying, and the agents were fun to follow along.


(Edit: Muphry's Law strikes again. >.> )

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