Subject: Re: review
Posted on: 2021-04-13 19:12:05 UTC

Thank you so much for reading! I was honestly disappointed by the lack of cool monster fights in the fic, too—the Sue spent so much of her time just aimlessly running around or hanging off of Trevor's arm when she's supposed to be just as great a monster hunter as him. rolls eyes But I'm glad I achieved what I wanted to, using the chance to highlight Ix and Charlotte's relationship now that they've settled into married life.

The arse vs ass was intentional—Ix has been hanging around Americans enough she tends to switch between the two depending on the sentence. (Don't know how other Brits on the Board say it, I'm just basing it off my IRL UK friends whose speech patterns and my own started mixing the longer we knew each other, haha.)

Thanks for the other two, though! Fixed. :)

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