Subject: I like it!
Posted on: 2021-04-13 02:32:05 UTC

I read it and I like it.

The part where Trevor turned into a literal manbaby made me snicker. I imagine it'd be super ridiculous if he looked like that the whole mission.

I liked this bit because of the double meaning:

“She is hot.”

“I think that’s just the fire magic.” Ix laughed when Charlotte turned an incredulous look on her. “But yeah, I agree. Hot.”

I also liked the part where Ix disguised herself as Dracula. It's my first time seeing an agent disguise themself as a canon character but that may be because I haven't read one of the older missions where someone actually did.

There were other things I liked, like the line about the Sue having purple eyes that could see through hands.

Anyway, nice mission!


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