Subject: So. A certain AO3-breaking fic is back.
Posted on: 2021-04-15 03:55:09 UTC

By which I mean the infamous "Sexy times with Wangxian" (link is incredibly NSFW and NSFB).

My return to the PPC is mostly predicated on wanting to write more interludes and less missions. I have recently finished a mission in the MDZS continuum which I think will be Eledhwen and Christianne's official last mission, and I made a resolution not to write further PPC missions with the exception of STWWX if it comes back. Now it has come back, and I am calling dibs on it.

STWWX is an incredibly long and brain-breaking PWP series where all of the chapters more or less exist within small universes within the larger universe of the fic itself, which I've decided to interpret as the fic trying to create its own continuum. The agents handling this fic (not E and C, as it's Bad Slash and they're functionally retired) will realise that and decide that the safest course of action will be to erect a creativity shield around the fic, to prevent it from damaging MDZS canon as well as the horde of other continua it has dragged in as increasingly implausible crossovers.

Since creativity shields haven't really been depicted in a mission before (at least to my knowledge), I'd like to ask the community at large to help me figure out how to set one up and deploy it. Currently, I'm thinking it would look like one of those barrier spells that would require multiple people at various points of the fic to activate at the exact same time, but if anyone has any better (read: funnier) ideas, please feel free to share.

And, of course, if you would like to volunteer your agents to help set up this creativity shield, please let me know as well and give me whatever information you have on them.

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