Subject: Oh yeah, those. I worked on those.
Posted on: 2021-04-16 09:08:40 UTC

I think they were the first thing we actually got working on the physical side of DAS. There was pressure from Upstairs to start with something useful for missions, but from sociological perspective, it was probably inevitable that we took care of the children first.

They're fairly simply combination of gag-based and placebo tech, as I recall. We wanted to prevent ACE, so they're built around... I'm not sure what the Norte word is, it's device that you hide up your sleeve to cheat at cards. We filled it with clippings from canons where characters named Ace get in trouble - there's some Doctor Who, some old Batman, the Pet Detective, and so on. So it's Ace trap.

The lights and humming are the placebo-tech: they're there to show the kids that it's safe to make fan-works there without worrying about affecting the Word Worlds. You know how it works - the more you believe something will (or in this case, won't) happen, the more it does (or doesn't).

Which says something interesting about fanfic as a whole, doesn't it? It means that deep down, all those fanwriters actually believe they can change the real canon characters by their art. There is paper in that...

... which I can't write, because I'm stuck doing physics, thank you very much Flowering Leek.


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